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We are proud to announce that we will be offering RISK FREE WEDDING BOOKINGS to our clients in these very uncertain time. 

You might ask.  What is RISK FREE WEDDING BOOKINGS? 

Let us consider the facts of our current situation:

  1. Due to Lockdown regulations, all brides have been forced to cancel or reschedule their weddings.  This naturally led to a tremendous amount of stress, and is indeed a very difficult time for both brides, as well as for wedding service providers.   Most wedding service providers tried to reschedule rather than cancel, for obvious reasons. 
  1. Unfortunately, reality is that most wedding service providers usually use your booking fees immediately for their daily living expenses, even before your wedding day.  Thus, being faced with a cancellation and having to refund your booking fee, may currently be impossible or very difficult for most service providers.  
  1. All our handpicked service providers have managed to organize their business in such a way that they don't have to use your booking fees for their daily living expenses, until after your wedding.  We have worked very hard to get into this position, which has enabled us to fully refund all of our clients who have been forced to cancel their weddings due to Lockdown restrictions. 
We therefore now wish to create a booking option for future brides & grooms that will be RISK FREE.  Yes, I know, RISK FREE might sound like pie in the sky.  BUT, we don’t want you to FEAR losing your booking fee when you are forced to cancel or reschedule due to COVID-19 & Lockdown restrictions (due to an extension of the different levels as determined by government).

You are welcome to visit our community website for more info.

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