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Photography Workshops

We are really excited to share our different workshops we are hosting in the next few months.  There will be something for everyone :)

*  First up we are going to present a HOLIDAY CLUB photography workshop for High School pupils from 25-29 June 2018.
*  OFF-Camera Flash Workshop on 14 July 2018.
*  4 Week Basic Photography Workshop from 25 July 2018
*  1 x Weekend Basic Photography Workshop  28-29 July 2018
*  7 Week Advanced Wedding Photography Workshop from 25 July 2018.
*  2 x Weekend Wedding Photography Workshops  20-22 July 2018 & 24-26 Aug 2018.

 If you want to see more info about these different workshops please click on the following.

*  High School HOLIDAY CLUB Photography Workshop

*  OFF - Camera Flash Workshop

*  4 Week Basic Photography Workshop 

*  Weekend Basic Photography Workshop

*  7 Week Wedding Photography Workshop

*  Weekend Wedding Photography Workshops

If you plan to travel to Cape Town to attend, please check out my ACCOMMODATION options available.

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