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Baby lifestyle shoot | Chamonix (6 months)

Last month I photographed a lot of babies in the studio.  I have to say that I really enjoy these shoots because a 6 month old baby is really just so cute. Chamonix was one of those VERY cute ones.  She had the most perfect creamy skin, beautiful blue eyes and a great personality.   
Important things for parents before booking a shoot like this:
1.  Your baby should be able to sit UNASSISTED.  It is very difficult to photograph them when they can't sit and also when they want to crawl. 
2.  Baby should be able to lie on their backs and pull up the legs.  Pulling their feet to their mouths would also be a total bonus.
3.  When lying on their tummy, they should be able to push them selves up (lift their heads from the ground). 
4.  Lastly, and a very obvious one, baby must not be tired and hungry.  


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