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Deon and Annalize | Part 1 | Oudtshoorn

WOW, what a great weekend :)  Spending the weekend at La Plume for Annalize and Deon's wedding was just fantastic.  I have done 100s of weddings, but this was the first time that the venue staff was absolutely fantastic.   I am looking forward to my next wedding at La Plume :) 

I don't do a lot of destination weddings, but when we get a chance for a road trip we really enjoy it.  We just loved every moment with Annalize and Deon, they are just so awesome, fun loving & humble people.  The wedding was also a beautiful affair with LOTS of detail.  Well done Annalize and La Plume on a great wedding.

I tried my best to fit this wedding into 1 post, but it was impossible :)  So, make sure you view PART 2.

Thank you for viewing Part 1.  Click HERE if you want to view Part 2.

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