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Ben & Aimee @ Klein Roosboom

It was so nice and easy to do this engagement shoot with Aimee and Ben.really looking forward to their wedding in March.



  1. Weereens is dit stunning!!!! Baie geluk Aimee & Ben. Nog 'n oud Durbie van die klas 2004 haak af! :-)

  2. such a beautiful love story told through these photos. i absolutely love every single picture. Each one tells you so much about the 2 of them.. A love story to be continued through wedding pics soon.. i am so excited!!! To everyone that was part of this shoot... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! proud to say i am family.. this is the beginning of a perfect story filled with love and happiness!!!

  3. Amazing Photos!!!! A professional photographer clicks wonderful moments of marriage. These photographs refresh the remembrance of those lovely moments of life.


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