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On Track... D'Aria wedding with André & Tihanna

After this wedding I knew that I had the opportunity to get a few unique photos.  When I started downloading the photos on my computer after the wedding my smile grew little by little, because I then knew that I nailed the shots and the moments.  I was so very happy with that :)

Tihanna and André are both athletes and this is also where they met one another, on the Track. They are really stunning people, gentle and caring, with a great love for God.  I really enjoyed spending the day with them and capturing some truly unique and once in a lifetime moments.   

I hope you enjoy the photos...Please tell me what you think at the end of the post.

 No runaway bride here....

I posted the following photo on FACEBOOK.  This is the first time in 7 years where I got  more than 120 LIKES and 80 COMMENTS for 1 photo.  Well, This is truely an unique photo with a split second to get the shot. 




  1. I always look at your blog as on my feedreader, never do I leave a comment, but today I needed to tell you I look at many wedding photographers images and think you are one of the best I've seen. I live in Germany, but south African and I can tell you the German photographers could learn so much from your talent. I look at your images and wonder - how did he do this! Ur work captures me.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Tihanna en Andre HattinghApril 6, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    Alle eer aan God en groot dank aan Charl en Dupie (half power Dupie, full power Dupie...:)). Dis fantastiese foto's BAIE dankie!!

  3. Pragtig! Mooier as wat enige iemand kon droom.

  4. Pragtige foto's en wonderlike paartjie! Dankie dat julle dit vir hulle onvergeetik mooi gemaak het!

  5. Soooooooo soooooo mooi!!! PRAGTIG PRAGTIG!!! Mal oor die foto's!!!!

  6. Takes my breath away! Wow!

  7. Dis hoendervleis mooi foto's!!! Baie spesiale oomblikke is VERSKRIKLIK goed vir ewig vasgevang. WOW WOW WOW - ons laaik al die foto's kwaai!

  8. Charl die fotos het absoluut fantasties gekom. Well done jy mag maar!! Tihanna en Andre julle twee is great saam en julle fotos is regtig stunning! PS. Bly die half power - full power was reg ;-)

  9. Stunning!!! Are the outdoor pictures also at D'Aria?


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