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Cape Town Cool engagement shoot | Marc & Suzanne

Marc and Suzanne were so excited about this shoot.  I came to the shoot with a few ideas, but was blown away with all their ideas and props.  It was again a very windy day in the Mother City but we managed to get some great shots.  I just loved the spontaneous laughing and jokes they made.  I am looking forward to your wedding day to capture you guys again.

In the bottom photo you can see the light setup I used to get the right exposure on the couple.  Without this setup their faces would have been dark with no detail.  
I had to do some photoshopping to take the stand out of the photo :)

 The same light setup as before - stand is photoshopped out :)



  1. Hi Charl & Tiana, we came back from dinner with friends and thought we'd take a chance to check if our pics were up yet ... What an awesome surprise ... They're amazing ... Can't wait for the wedding ... T minus 8 months and counting!
    Marc & Suz

    1. cool, I am so glad that you are happy with the photos :)

    2. Hi Suzanne,
      The photos are amazing. You look fantastic and so happy. I'm so happy for you. It's such a great idea to capture these moments. It's always nice to look back on.
      All our love,
      Mel, Lou & Eva


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