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30 April 2011 | Jonathan & Erin | Schoongezicht

 Shooting Jonathan and Erin's wedding was so great, because they are so in LOVE and not shy to show it.  I believe that this is the special ingredient to great photos.  

If there is a photo that didn't load correctly, press the F5 key, Thanx.


Preparation venue, Reception venue, Flowers & Decor: Schoongezicht Restaurant


  1. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Aaahh Charl, you made our day a work of art. we will always be greatful.These pics speak about the great God inside of you, who allows you to capture his beauty. You are truly blessed and gifted. God bless

    Erin & Jonathan

  3. Enrico-Gita ArendsMay 6, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!!! So happy for you both, hope your life together will be blessed beyond measure. you both looked stunning! Love from us all

  4. Congratulations ... Wishing u a marriage filled with luv & joy ... Pics r absolutely stunning

  5. That is some breath taking photos. Must have been an unforgettable day - All of the best for the future and God bless buddy

  6. Robyn-Jade GreenMay 6, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    Wow.... What a gorgeous couple!! Congratulations.... I pray that your marriage is blessed abundantly and as you furth lifes journey side by side in support of one another may you both be a blessing not only to one anoher but to the lives you touch! Bless you with all the love in the world and a great big family lol!! Liefies.... Julle is te beautiful!!

  7. Your wedding photos are beautiful, you made a very beautiful bride. You are highly favoured of the Lord, and so blessed. Congratulations and may you and hubby have a happy and blessed marriage as your walk grows deeper with God. love u lots

  8. Awesome couple. Awesome pictures. awesome God. Love you guys. Bryan Jules and kids

  9. Oh wow! Charl and his wife also took our pics in 2007. Can't believe they took yours too. Looks really awesome Jonathan!!!


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