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25 September 2010 | Chrisoné & Nico | Rusticana

Chrisoné and Nico had their reception at RUSTICANA near Paarl.  
Chrisoné got dressed at Skinkikofi, what a great guesthouse. 

After talking to her mom, I realized that we were all from Allanridge (a very small town in the Freestate), and realized that her Dad was my Dominee when I was in Primary School.

This was such a great wedding to cover, Chrisoné and Nico are just so awesome and at the reception I connected with some very "old" friends from my past.

I hope you enjoy the 150 photos in this post.

Service Providers:
Reception:  Rusticana
Preparation venue:  Skinkikofi
Dress & Shoes:  Ilse Roux Bridal
Decor and flowers:  To-Nett's
Hair & Make-up:  Candice Leigh Arnott


  1. Pragtige foto's! Julle het regtig stunning gelyk!! Liefde Martin & Marelize xx

  2. Julle het awesome gelyk en die foto's is stunning ! Liefde Andre & Lizette xxxx

  3. sjoe, die foto's is hemels!
    Ilse Roux

  4. Gianna en Wynand du PlessisSeptember 30, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    Gianna and Wynand du Plessis
    Julle het pragtig gelyk!! Die fotos getuig daarvan! 'n Heerlike troue uit die boonste rakke. Liefde en mooi wense.

  5. Christo van Wyk (brother)September 30, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    Charl, die photies van my sus se troue lyk pragtig. Thanks vir die moeite en energie wat jy in dit gesit het. Dit word opreg waardeer. Go Allanridge!!!

  6. So hier was toe opvangs in aliwal noord!!!! Haha, ons in Flamingo Bay, Mosambiek, is gister oorval deur mense om te se hoe stunning die fotos lyk, toe gan kyk ons self op die admin se rekenaar! Dit lyk stunning! Jy en Tiana is uitstekend, weereens dankie!!!!!! Praat gou weer en sterkte daar.

  7. Julle fotos lyk stunning!! Moet se die bestes is van julle twee saam!!! Geniet die honeymoon!

  8. Julle het pragtig gelyk!!!!!!!!!!


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