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20 August 2010 | Don and Linda | Pistachio's Restaurant

I just love my job.  Especially with this wedding.  Two "older" people falling in love all over again, BEAUTIFUL.  Don and Linda had a small and intimate wedding ceremony at NG Church Durbanville and reception at Pistachio's restauraunt in Durbanville.  

When I met Don and Linda, they told me that they didn't want  "couple" photos. They wanted me to focus on the family and friends.  So, I had to sneak in a few photos of them.
I hope that they are happy with the few couple photos.
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  1. You take the most amazing wedding photo's, this was a very different wedding but as an older person myself I can relate and loved it...You captured their love and joy on their big day. I wish them all the best and cant wait to see your next lot of wedding photo's.

  2. Dit is pragtig. Maak my hart so bly as 2 mense 'n 2de kans op geluk kry en dit straal uit hulle uit.


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