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30 April 2010 | Hannes and Jeanne | Kleinevalleij

A wedding nightmare coming true. Hannes and Jeanne organized their dream wedding all the way from Gauteng.  I saw them a few months ago when they came to Cape Town to meet with their service providers.  

No one could anticipate that the PASTOR would forget about the wedding.  After phoning him, he came one hour late for the ceremony.  This made my worst nightmare come true - the sun was setting and we were waiting at the church.  I decided to start with Hannes and the groomsmen while we wait for the pastor, by doing that I managed to "save" some time for after the ceremony.  

I was really impressed with Hannes and Jeanne, they really stayed calm in this whole process.

They had their reception at the fabulous Kleinevalleij Function Centre in Wellington.  This is one of my favourite venues of all time.  Despite the short time I had to take photos, I managed to take all the photos I planned for the photo session.  I don't know how we pulled it off, but I just want to thank Hannes and Jeanne for working so hard during the photo session.

We had to take the family photos in the dark, luckily I use Pocket Wizzards for extra light and this is why I have the Canon 5D Mark II, excellent camera in low light conditions.

I hope that you enjoy all the "rushed" moments of this amazing wedding day...

Reception venue: Kleinevalleij
Bride Preparation Venue: Bovlei Valley Retreat

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  1. WOW, Its amazing and good shot!

  2. Hannes en JeanneMay 5, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    Wow Charl! Baie dankie vir die fantastiese fotos! Jy het 'n great job gedoen in baie moeilike omstandighede!

  3. Dis ongelooflike mooi fotos Charl!! Welgedaan, jy het fantasties gedoen onder baie druk. Die fotos weerspieel 2 baie spesiale mense se mooiste dag.

  4. Baie geluk Charl, die fotos is fantasties mooi!! Jy het uitstekend gedoen onder so baie druk. Die fotos weerspieel 2 baie spesiale mense se mooiste dag.

  5. Charl -

    Well done!

    I remember when I used to photograph in SA, the officiants were so sick and tired of the "fauxtographers" posing as pro's that would interrupt and mess up the ceremony. They were rightly annoyed, but unfortunately it made it hell for those that did do a pro job. However, it is nice to hear that the officiant is getting a bit of "heat" for a change ;o)

    This couple are incredibly lucky that they had invested in a photographer that was experienced (calm) and prepared (with equipment). I hope they refer you 1000x over and also kill off the "cheap Uncle Harry" that would have fallen apart on a gig like this.

  6. Hallo Charl

    Ons wil net weer VREESLIK baie dankie se vir jou aandeel om ons trou dag onvergeetlik te gemaak het! Dankie dat jy dit vir ons so ontspanne gemaak het al was die tyd en lig min! :) Die foto's op is ongelooflik mooi. Ons sal jou definitief aanbeveel vir enigiemand!

    Hannes en Jeanne
    (email from couple)

  7. Jeanne & Hannes:

    Your photos are amazing. It looked like a divine and special day for you and all your guests. All I can say is WOW! Jeanne you looked like a million bucks!!!I get goose bumps looking at these!!

    Kerry xxx


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