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Maternity Shoot | My own very lovely beautiful wife

Not sure how many of you might know, but my wife is pregnant with our first baby.  Wow, what a wonderful blessing from God.  The baby is a GIRL and I am already saving for her wedding.  Her name is ZOEY.  It is the Greek word for LIFE.

My wife had some complications a few weeks ago with the pregnancy and the doctor booked her off.  So, she is now my Personal Assistant and helps me with all my admin.  This is fantastic!  I have never been so organized in my whole life.  I think I can get used to this...

Here are some photos of her.  This was my first MATERNITY shoot and I am quite happy with the results.  Hope you enjoy it also.



  1. Shoe! Charl...dis wonderlik dat jy so 'n intieme oomblik met ons deel...

    Alle voorspoed vir jou en Tiana. Julle is alreeds 'n ongelooflike gesin!

    Tiana, jy lyk pragtig!

    Liefde, Janecke

  2. Hey Charlas! Dit is regtig STUNNING!! Tiana, jy lyk so goed! Laat weet tog vir ons as klein Zoey haar verskyning gemaak het..

    Raymond en Tineke

  3. Wow, dit is hoendervleis-kry mooi! Baie geluk!

    Michelle & Philip

  4. foto's is pragti!
    Kan nie wag om Zoey s'n te sien nie.


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