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14 March 2009 Dianne & Shaun (Mountain Shadows)

Wedding no: 103

Wedding date: 14 Maart 2009
Bride preparation venue: Mountain Shadows
Ceremony venue: Mountain Shadows
Photography venue: Mountain Shadows
Reception venue: Mountain Shadows

WOW, love is so fantastic. One can really see the love and chemistry between Dianne and Shaun. This was a beautiful wedding on an AWESOME venue. Must be one of my top 10 venues now. Unfortunately I didn't have time with the Bride alone before the ceremony.

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You have to CLICK on this one to see the faces.

You have to CLICK on this one to see how beautiful it is.
You can see them standing between the flag poles.
(I merged 4 photos to create this panoramic

WOW, this was steamy!!!

The first family KISS, precious.

Dianne was a little bit emotional, but so was I (almost), the speeches was really special.

This was a very challenging part of the evening. They were dancing outside, there were no light, Luckily I had some external flashes to help with the light problem.


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