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15 DEC 08 Mia & Herman (Zevenwacht)

This is an example of a STORYBOOK ALBUM.

Agapé Studio offer 2 different types of layout, the one below is an example of the PERSONAL LAYOUT OPTION. With this option, you will see a lot of personal love quotes, the scripture from the Bible during the Ceremony, special editing with photos as "watermarks" in die sky and special borders.

Mia and Herman got married at ZEVENWACHT. For 2 years I never did a wedding there, but during DEC 2008, I did 3 weddings there. I really like the venue, but there aren't enough place for photos where there is "SPACE" with some nice blue sky. I love a venue with some "SPACE", where I can take some photos with them with blue sky.


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  1. Wow! Dis ongelooflik mooi! Ek kan sien jou layout is heeltemal anders as ander fotograwe sin. Joune lyk so persoonlik en baie kreatief en professioneel.


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